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See how Preventive Care Management solutions can make your group healthcare more affordable


Thrive is proud to be an experienced agency and program consultant for 360PlussTM, a Preventative Care Management program. By participating in the 360 program, employees gain significant monthly tax savings that are used to pay for a variety of health-related benefits! Employers realize an average net savings of $500 per employee, per year!


Choosing the right health insurance plan means knowing what your team needs and which carriers offer the best fit at the right price. Our team of specialists evaluate not just the health insurance basics, but all the elements that make up a great plan. We understand how to bundle products and programs to obtain the best discounts for your team. We'll present solutions to you and your team in clear language that everyone can understand.


Dental Insurance is one of the benefits most requested by employees. While many employers provide dental insurance for their employees, a growing number offer this as a voluntary benefit that is paid 100% by the employee through payroll deductions. Dental insurance can be offered as part of a group plan or as part of a supplemental plan.

Another favorite for many employees is vision insurance. Group vision plans can be especially attractive for employers because they are often inexpensive to offer but are highly valued by the employees. These plans offer a wide variety of options but typically provide some level of coverage for eye exams and/or frames, lenses or contact lenses.


Health insurance doesn't cover everything. Protection for when you need it. Peace of mind when you don't.


Prepare your employees for anything life may bring them with the flexible benefits of Group Accident Expense Insurance. It pays a benefit for the most common accidents and procedures to help bridge the gap between medical costs and existing coverage—in a straightforward, easy way.


When your employees are protected by Group Hospital Indemnity insurance, their benefits start as soon as they’re admitted to the hospital. They can use the benefit to pay for groceries, medical bills, or whatever else they need.


Your employees want to know there’s a safety net for when they’re sick or injured and unable to work. Group Short Term Disability Insurance gives them added financial protection.


Both critical illness survival rates and the costs of medical care are rising. Critical illness insurance pays an employee when diagnosed with a covered illness or procedure, helping offset the cost of care and providing the freedom to choose treatment options.


With established relationships with numerous carriers, we can put together a reliable Life Insurance policy that offers the highest level of protection for you. Click to book a free estimate from one of our experienced consultants.

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