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Say that 3 times fast

Thrive is proud to be an experienced agency and program consultant for Attentive360TM, a Preventative Care Management program. We'll let you in on a little secret... the 360 program is our favorite part about group benefits.
It'll be yours too!

Trusted by the most respected names in health and wellness

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2021 STATS
  • 21, 876, 754 member/patient encounters 

  • 240,170 medical escalations saved from costly adverse event 

  • Saved over $250M

  • 99% member retention rate 

  • Used by >5,000 case manager and care coordinators 


You get all this for $0 net cost | No gimmicks

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The Attentive360TM program helps employees become healthier and more educated about health decisions they make on a daily basis. Healthier, happier employees experience higher productivity, fewer sick days, and better career gratification!

Show Me the Money!

The Attentive360TM PCMP is an IRS tax qualified, ERISA compliant program. Here's how it works: participating employees generate tax savings - these savings pay for their supplemental benefits - all done through their normal payroll. Their net income is the same. No out of pocket cost!

Everyone Wins

The outcome: employees and their families are physically, mentally, and financially healthier as well as better protected. Employers realize an average net savings of $500 per employee per year. Yes, net! That's more money toward your bottom line. Get more benefits. Keep your money.

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