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No risk. It's your money. You're entitled.

Thrive Benefits Group is proud to partner with American Incentive Advisors in offering our tax credit services. Maximizing your tax credits is what our team with AIA specializes in! They recovered over $1 Billion in ERC refunds alone during 2022.

We're very pleased to have been part of that.

If you've previously been told that your company doesn't qualify, you probably do now. The guidelines have changed drastically.

Let the experts take a look for you!


The CARES Act makes funding available to small companies, which can be used to allow certain employers who retain employees during the crisis, to claim a tax credit. This tax credit is known as the Employee Retention Credit (ERC).
Claim up to $26,000 per employee!


Most R&D credits claimed in the US go to larger corporations. However, recent changes have allowed small businesses and even pre-revenue start ups to access one of the country’s biggest tax incentives. With us behind you, it’s your turn to benefit from the innovative investments you’ve made.

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